Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Although it's probably not really the last time we'll all gather (we still have the final), I thought the title was rather fitting since it's the title of the last chapter in the genki II book.

As a reminder, the final is on Tuesday, May 19th at 9:45AM until noon.

For the last class meet, we began with a kanji exercise. I plan on leaving this all up to Sarah(sp?).

Sensei was asking how to pronounce one of the kanji on the board and AJ blurted out "WHAT THE FUCK?!" in response to me showing him "アソシエーション応答側応用エンティティ".

AJ was about to write it on the board, but Chris hella stole the kanji he was going to use. Oh well. I was going to write E minor on the board (ホ短調) but we ran out of time.

Dialogues are up next and our's is hella bomb. It's a total of like 8 lines with only one example of passive/causative-passive but it's all good.

The double-take on ういっす was amazing combined with him pausing in the middle of one of his lines was great.

Good game.

BTW: I'll upload the remaining pictures later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Coming out with a surprise quiz at the start of the class...

We all got our last tests back today and luckily we didn't do too badly. Renee says she didn't do too good, but Nancy got a really high score as usual. AJ did a lot better and he was pretty stoked about it. We both got owned in the kanji matching of course.

I was pleased to find I was right about the のに construct requiring "facts" instead of "suggestions". That really scared me to think I'd get those questions wrong when I knew for a fact I was right.

Then sensei tried to play off a completely horrible mistake in one of the sentences.
We were supposed to determine whether the following was "incorrect":
But the kanji is wrong and it should be: 兄なのに、仲がよくありません。

It boiled down to him playing it off that "Even though he's the older brother, his insides are not good."

Yeah... OOOOOK......

I just realized it, but practically everyone is in class today. It just seemed a little more crowded than usual, but that's actually the right amount of people if my memory isn't terrible. That one girl across the room left early though. Her group members weren't there either.

Get hype for dialog on Wednesday.

Note for portfolio: make sure to staple the draft to the final version.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Protip: In order to perform proper kabuki, you must first be able to have one eye looking forward and one eye looking a completely different direction.

The primary focus of today’s class was the 方 structure and using it to change a verb into a how-to.

Brandon had a ridiculous hairstyle which I will try to get a picture of.

Don't forget to revise your essays to turn in next Wednesday.

Kanji worksheet due monday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Having the good fortune of being on-time to class for once, I witnessed something akin to a peacock fully extending its feathers. Sensei walked into class and took off his jacket - revealing a multi-colored, striped with yellow, blue, pink, and green. You had to be there to see it. I'll try get a picture with my phone.

After Brandon's group dissed his shirt and AJ punched me in slow motion so hard that I fell (in slow motion) out of my chair, we took up the rest of the class with an amazing exercise using jumping jacks and causative and causative-passive.

Homework is 23-4/23-5.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Causative Passive - Revisited

This time we started off by reviewing causative passive form once again. The fix for last class's dilemma was to change う verbs to their ーない equivalent, drop the ない and add させる. る verbs are the same as before. Just change it to passive, drop the る, and add られる.

This is probably considered a rant, but る verbs should not have the exact same spelling as う verbs. That's just dumb. Bad students like me get confused by it all the time so for the sake of my sanity, please stop. Thanks.

AJ is now threataning me with learning Tagalog and calling himself more Filipino than me. Amazing.

Today's association game was actually pretty tough. Although we didn't end up doing charades, it was still pretty interesting with a bunch of new connection types between each vocab word.

Writing assignment is due Monday instead and class is canceled on Friday as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Adultery is interesting...

Is what I thought I heard when starting to listen to class discussion.

We were going over the dialogue on pages 307/308. Nobody is participating in the discussion so I'm guessing that it must be a really hard read.

Next writing assignment due next Friday.

In a shocking victory, the class voted 6-2 charades versus association game. Protip: there are more than 8 people in the class...

Charades were amazing. No blog entry could fully describe the awesome. You had to be there.

While going over causative-passive sentences, Sensei made a slight mistake on the formation of the causative-passive form of 読む. While the textbook says to use 読まされる, he wanted us to use 読ませられる because it is consistent with causative coming before passive. Just as a note, sensei's teaching style is that he slows down quite a lot when something like this occurs and it reflects a lot in how he proceeds especially when lecture concerns that particular mechanic.

Homework is finish up 23-1.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The test this Wednesday had a curveball attached to it in the form of a format change. Instead of the usual, easy multiple choice questions the entire class is used to, they were replaced by somewhat more difficult fill-in-lots-of-blanks type questions.

I blame my guaranteed bad score on AJ and him getting me addicted to that one j-drama.

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