Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Although it's probably not really the last time we'll all gather (we still have the final), I thought the title was rather fitting since it's the title of the last chapter in the genki II book.

As a reminder, the final is on Tuesday, May 19th at 9:45AM until noon.

For the last class meet, we began with a kanji exercise. I plan on leaving this all up to Sarah(sp?).

Sensei was asking how to pronounce one of the kanji on the board and AJ blurted out "WHAT THE FUCK?!" in response to me showing him "アソシエーション応答側応用エンティティ".

AJ was about to write it on the board, but Chris hella stole the kanji he was going to use. Oh well. I was going to write E minor on the board (ホ短調) but we ran out of time.

Dialogues are up next and our's is hella bomb. It's a total of like 8 lines with only one example of passive/causative-passive but it's all good.

The double-take on ういっす was amazing combined with him pausing in the middle of one of his lines was great.

Good game.

BTW: I'll upload the remaining pictures later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Coming out with a surprise quiz at the start of the class...

We all got our last tests back today and luckily we didn't do too badly. Renee says she didn't do too good, but Nancy got a really high score as usual. AJ did a lot better and he was pretty stoked about it. We both got owned in the kanji matching of course.

I was pleased to find I was right about the のに construct requiring "facts" instead of "suggestions". That really scared me to think I'd get those questions wrong when I knew for a fact I was right.

Then sensei tried to play off a completely horrible mistake in one of the sentences.
We were supposed to determine whether the following was "incorrect":
But the kanji is wrong and it should be: 兄なのに、仲がよくありません。

It boiled down to him playing it off that "Even though he's the older brother, his insides are not good."

Yeah... OOOOOK......

I just realized it, but practically everyone is in class today. It just seemed a little more crowded than usual, but that's actually the right amount of people if my memory isn't terrible. That one girl across the room left early though. Her group members weren't there either.

Get hype for dialog on Wednesday.

Note for portfolio: make sure to staple the draft to the final version.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Protip: In order to perform proper kabuki, you must first be able to have one eye looking forward and one eye looking a completely different direction.

The primary focus of today’s class was the 方 structure and using it to change a verb into a how-to.

Brandon had a ridiculous hairstyle which I will try to get a picture of.

Don't forget to revise your essays to turn in next Wednesday.

Kanji worksheet due monday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Having the good fortune of being on-time to class for once, I witnessed something akin to a peacock fully extending its feathers. Sensei walked into class and took off his jacket - revealing a multi-colored, striped with yellow, blue, pink, and green. You had to be there to see it. I'll try get a picture with my phone.

After Brandon's group dissed his shirt and AJ punched me in slow motion so hard that I fell (in slow motion) out of my chair, we took up the rest of the class with an amazing exercise using jumping jacks and causative and causative-passive.

Homework is 23-4/23-5.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Causative Passive - Revisited

This time we started off by reviewing causative passive form once again. The fix for last class's dilemma was to change う verbs to their ーない equivalent, drop the ない and add させる. る verbs are the same as before. Just change it to passive, drop the る, and add られる.

This is probably considered a rant, but る verbs should not have the exact same spelling as う verbs. That's just dumb. Bad students like me get confused by it all the time so for the sake of my sanity, please stop. Thanks.

AJ is now threataning me with learning Tagalog and calling himself more Filipino than me. Amazing.

Today's association game was actually pretty tough. Although we didn't end up doing charades, it was still pretty interesting with a bunch of new connection types between each vocab word.

Writing assignment is due Monday instead and class is canceled on Friday as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Adultery is interesting...

Is what I thought I heard when starting to listen to class discussion.

We were going over the dialogue on pages 307/308. Nobody is participating in the discussion so I'm guessing that it must be a really hard read.

Next writing assignment due next Friday.

In a shocking victory, the class voted 6-2 charades versus association game. Protip: there are more than 8 people in the class...

Charades were amazing. No blog entry could fully describe the awesome. You had to be there.

While going over causative-passive sentences, Sensei made a slight mistake on the formation of the causative-passive form of 読む. While the textbook says to use 読まされる, he wanted us to use 読ませられる because it is consistent with causative coming before passive. Just as a note, sensei's teaching style is that he slows down quite a lot when something like this occurs and it reflects a lot in how he proceeds especially when lecture concerns that particular mechanic.

Homework is finish up 23-1.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The test this Wednesday had a curveball attached to it in the form of a format change. Instead of the usual, easy multiple choice questions the entire class is used to, they were replaced by somewhat more difficult fill-in-lots-of-blanks type questions.

I blame my guaranteed bad score on AJ and him getting me addicted to that one j-drama.

my mine mind

Friday, April 17, 2009

I want to have a strange friend like Adam Sandler

After skipping class on Wednesday, sensei decided to come to class on Friday.

Class started as usual with talking about how we all want to become friends with people like Doraemon and Adam Sandler.

N~のような N
N~のように Adj../Verb

Just as a note: Nancy will from now on be known as Fancy Nancy.

We completely failed to create a custom dialog. That stuff is hard.

Kanji worksheet due next Monday. Chapter test Wednesday.
Just for you, Renee.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A class with no students...

Two whole groups are absent today. This is kind of depressing. If I was a teacher, I'd be pretty pissed.

Anyways, we started class off with another quiz based on chapter 22. As a twist, sensei switched it up and had us go over the parts of the homework that corresponded to the part of the quiz we were reviewing. So in essence, it was an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, although it might have ended up being not so effective due to the fact that the reviewing of the homework was rushed a bit.

AJ is too hype over his new monitor (28" hanns-g) and mocked me for still using an 8800gt although that card is by no means bad and can run games just fine. >_>

We went over a lot of homework today, including 22-3/4/5/6.

After that, we all took turns describing what kind of people we want to become by using the ~なように construct. Three of us in a row used some form of "先生なようになりたい" with different teacher's names affixed to the beginning.

Andrew just said he wanted to be a muppet just like kermet the frog...

After that we had an interview worksheet to reinforce the whole のように thing.

No pictures today because I'm lazy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Class Where Nobody Speaks

なくあれば -> なければ

しみがおちる to remove a stain (the stain falls)

This post will just be a huge rant on how nobody wants to talk in this class (save for a few). How the hell are you going to learn a language if you have no intention of actually speaking it. Are you so good at it that you don't need to practice speaking? Bullshit. If it's THAT easy for you, it would be as common as breathing and I personally would be more annoyed/bothered that we are sitting around DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in a class which we are paying for.

I would not be able to bear that especially since it's not like you will get marked down by saying something wrong. If anything, you'll only get better. This is a freaking college course and people are still worried that they'll make a mistake and they won't be as highly respected by their classmates or something like that. GGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE!

I don't understand how people can just SIT and STARE at their book the entire fucking class period and contribute absolutely nothing at all.


So anyways, we went over the ~ba form and the ~noni form. I won't go into detail on them because it's in the book.

No homework for the weekend (YES!)

Here are some presents from AJ/Renee.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'd thought they'd be over, but the quizes returned today with a vengeance.

All six questions were kanji that only Nancy knew from the vocab. I think AJ got one of them right as well.

After that, we had practice asking what our classmates were allowed to do by their parents when they were kids. My best question was "子供の時、両親はあなたにファイアとあそばせてくれましたか。"

Following that exercise, we did 211 part C. Renee continued to ask if we'd allow our kids to eat ice cream for dinner.
AJ refused to use rock paper scissors to decide which of us answers the question, "親になったら子供に何をさせてあげますか。" so I ended up saying that I'd let my child steal money.

Renee's dragon drawing is looking pretty nice so far, good thing I brought my camera.

As usual, AJ is off surfing the internet instead of participating in class. He redeemed himself though shortly after by responding "あいてにあるばいとをさせてあげます" which apparently is a "fine line" for sensei.

Renee put away her notes already, so I'll have her show it to me later.


Homework tonight is 22-5 and 22-6. Essay due friday as well.

Monday, April 6, 2009

AJ's got a good one... already...

Were his famous last words before posting up another group of 4 words from the vocab.

Which one doesn't fit?

AJ needs to learn to read hiragana. Pronunciation like とおおおおおおおおおおおおおおめええええええええええええええええええええええええええるううううううううううううううううううううううう won't fly.

After that, sensei lectured on the ambiguousness of させる and how it is either making someone do something or allowing someone to do something. The way you can work around this is to use て form and くれる to show that someone is allowing you to do something.

Sorry, no pictures for today. AJ was too lazy and I don't think I saw Renee drawing either =|

Friday, April 3, 2009


Class began with an exercise where we took 4 of the vocabulary words from the current chapter (22) and 3 of them are related while one of them is not. Each group posts theirs on the board and people take turns guessing which one out of the 4 does not belong.

The purpose of this exercise would most likely be to familiarize ourselves with the new vocabulary. Nancy put together 期末試験(きまつしけん) と 徹夜する(てつやする) と 失敗する(しっぱいする) と 自由(じゆう). I told her it was too easy, but we went with it anyways because nobody else picked something >_> Needless to say, it wasn't a very tough pick.

After that, we went over the causative form again (使役).

The followup exercise was a fairly simple yet effective one which had two papers with dictionary and causative forms of verbs on each and we basically took turns asking the dictionary form and receiving the causative forms and checking to make sure our partner's got it right.

The trickier ones are the verbs which end with -ru but are actually -u verbs.
Following that, we all took turns saying what we'd have our underclassmen do using the causative form as well.

Renee and AJ both drew something so today we have a double feature. I brought the wrong jacket, so the quality is a little low because it's from my phone.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dreading 25

The Bad Luck Years (厄年):
男: 25, 42, and 61
女: 19, 33, and 37

To start class off, we had a test on chapter 21. AJ says he did "bad" and "I probably got about 60... Kanji... destruction... death...".

When I asked Renee, she just stuck out her tongue and said she forgot a lot of vocab.

Nancy concealed her hand and didn't give a report.

I personally was unsure on some of the てある form questions but completely destroyed the other two sections.

After the test, I went to go play some guilty gear at the arcade and came back to sensei explaining the usage and forming of causative verbs which are similar to passive verbs in their formation.

The story about yakudoshi (厄年) on page 301 was kind of interesting but still highly predictable.

AJ and Renee have gotten some of their flashcards done for the next chapter (I assume). I'll be making an anki deck for chapter 22 soon. Chapter 21 anki deck for both vocab and kanji can be downloaded here. Hmmm... I probably should have posted that up sooner. Oh well.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Ok, the good news is that we don't have the chapter test today. The bad news is that we have it on Wednesday.

At the start of class, we received 21-7/8 back but nobody knew what was wrong with the sentences which were marked as such. In the end it was something about the difference between ゆうめな と ゆうめいな. There was also something about word arrangement.

The sentence our group came up with for the exercise was as follows:

We never got to use it, but oh well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Same Old

I fell into a state of false security and look what happens. I arrive 10 minutes late to find that we were given another quiz. Oh well... It's topic was on the ~てある and 間に forms.

Sarah's group had nobody show up so she'll be joining us for the day.

After going over the quiz, we went over 21-3 and 21-4.

We then went over the ~してほしい form (again?). Somehow discussion ended up being about the difference between:

母に仕事をしてほしい。 - I want my mom to work.
お母さんに仕事をしてほしい。  - I want your mom to work.

Admittedly, the confusion has nothing to do with the mechanic, but it was funny nonetheless.

With passion, according to Keith.

Sarah used the terribad excuse of "I was just kidding!" when trying to get AJ and I to believe せいふ (government) means wallet (さいふ). Luckily, we just studied these on anki, otherwise it might have worked...

The homework is 21.7 and 21.8.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~ておく、 ~ている、 と ~てある

Surprisingly enough, we didn't start class off today with a quiz... AMAZING!

We had a pretty fun exercise within each group in regards to preparing for a party using the mechanics listed in today's title. I agree with AJ that it's kind of confusing, but we more or less got a handle on it toward the end.

The next topic for discussion was adj + suru constructions which are pretty easy to understand.

Ex: ~があかるくなりました。to become bright
   ~があかるくしました。 to make bright

Throughout class, AJ was just cranking out flash cards for the vocab. I told him to use Anki, but for some reason he refused.

Next up the class was tasked with coming up for improvements for student life at SJSU.

Our group proposed to increase teacher salaries. The reason behind this would be that, by making the teachers' life easier, it would in turn make our own lives easier.

It was not that well received, but I thought it was great (since it was my idea in the first place >_>)...

This was then connected to using the てほしい form to say what you would like someone or something to do.

Wow, forgot to publish this yesterday... >_>

Friday, March 13, 2009


Today's class started off with another small quiz on てある.

The main discussion for the rest of class was on てある and ~間に.

What I don't really understand is why homework is assigned before the mechanic is taught in class and then, during the following class period, we basically just "learn" the mechanic all over again. That doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever.

The end.

Sorry, no pictures for today. Okay, here's something completely unrelated to class:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today started off with another quiz. This is getting somewhat repetitive.

Discussion today is once again about passive forms of verbs and the word of the day seems to be 笑れわれる which I can't even pull up on rikaichan.

The proper way to turn down someone you loathe: あんたはちょっと。。。

AJ is a dick. He hella wanted to wait until I bought a new one to tell me he stole my workbook. Mental note: kill him later.

According to AJ, Mahjong is known for a "dick in a box".

Here's our group's contribution for the day: ガソリン と あんぜん(な) と こうじょう と かんきょう
Find the word that doesn't belong.

See you next time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

To be continued...

Today's post has been replaced by the following picture of AJ-ojiisan:

Friday, March 6, 2009


The title of today's entry is dedicated to today's test. Nancy seemed to be the only one in the group who had any confidence in taking the test. As usual, the matching was killer.

We are currently dissecting the story on page 295 in the text as outlined in the previous entry.

After that, I kind of dozed off (BECAUSE I WAS STUDYING SO MUCH OF COURSE!) and somehow woke up to see a storyteller video that sensei put on the screen. I didn't understand much of what he said, but it was still pretty cool nonetheless.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flash Card Madness

As I am busy with making flash cards for kanji, I will only note down the most notable parts of class.

  • Japan does not have that great of a return policy for purchased goods.
  • Everyone in the group got owned by the letter we wrote a few weeks back. Except for 親分, who has practically no errors at all >_>

Today's reading was about some dude in いなか who bought old things for cheap and sold them for a boatload. One day he found an expensive dish being used to feed a cat at some teahouse. He thought he could deceive the owner who obviously didn't know the value of the dish (since he was using it to feed the cat). So he schemed to buy the cat and get the dish as well with it. After much bargaining, he finally got the owner to agree but the owner would not give the man the dish. Expressing disappointment, the man asked why and the owner replied that the dish is extremely worth it. I also think he said something about being able to sell a cat to people every now and then for 3 ryou (the price the man paid for the cat). If I made mistakes, blame AJ.

And for the picture from today, we've got our 親分 and her 子分 caught saying "お前はもう死んでいる!" Note the badass expression on Nancy's face.
Photo courtesy of AJおじいさん

Monday, March 2, 2009

The difference between 分かる と 知る

Class started off with a kanji quiz which AJ-ojiisan and I both were more or less unprepared for. I hadn't finished my anki deck for it yet either. Sensei made the mistake of passing back our kanji worksheet from the book, but Nancy covered it up before I could cheat my way out of the particicpation-only quiz. Oh well, maybe next time. Next up...


Cool quote of the day.

This ties into the next interesting point for our group which was the subtle differences between 分かる と 知る. The difference ended up being whether or not you had thought (puzzled it out!) about the matter at hand. If so, you use 分かる, otherwise you use 知る.

After that, I got called on to say a book I've read recently using the ~という mechanic and it all went bad. First off, I wrote 1984という本を読みました. Of course, I have a horrible time saying numbers past the 10's (lol) and I had never ever read the book 1984 and had no confidence in it actually being a book. All I remember was that it was a shootemup side-scroller.

The worksheet sensei handed out just now seemed pretty easy, but I have a feeling we were answering them wrong...

As class ends... once again... we're starving.

No picture because AJ was too hungry to draw and Renee was too hungry to find something hilarious in the book.

Friday, February 27, 2009

一寸涼んで来い (chotto suzundekoi)

Sensei forgot the "late" homework in his office, so today started off with a group exercise followed up by a quiz. The exercise had each group respond to various questions about knowing certain things like The Ring, Miyazawa, etc. Our answers are as follows (sorry, I'm not writing the questions):

1) ホラー映画です。
2) どうがかです。
3) オリブガーデンはイタリアノのレストランです。
4) どんなか知っていません。
5) 何処か知っていません。
6) 女の人です。
7) Shy Person
8) マニアックな人です。
9) Lazy Person
10) いなば先生は優しくて飲むのが好き先生です。

When we got to number 2 about Miyazawa, people started recommending anime by him. I was just too late to recommend the Castle of Cagliostro Lupin III movie.

The rest of the class period was used up by the kanji race. 無敵 (むてき) went up three times apparently >_> In the end it was a tie. That's like the third in a row... wtf?

Since AJ was absent today, there isn't a picture today. Sorry.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

全速力 (zensokuryoku)

Once again, the day started off with a quiz. We've used ぶちょう so many times in this quiz already that it surprised me that I didn't remember the kanji for it at all. I'll practice more so as to not let down that one group in the back corner next time.

AJ brought up a good point. We're both starving and the water I'm drinking just doesn't cut it. I'll probably get some pesto from sbarro's (sp?) later.

We're currently going over page 170 exercise 4 right now in the textbook where we have been involved in a car accident and have lost our memories. When the doctor is asking us questions, we're supposed to respond with "I have no clue" using ~かどうか.


Nancy got Mango Mantra from Jamba Juice. She thinks they gave her the wrong one though (mango a go go). Damn, I should get some of that later, but curry house is having a 4.99 special later today...

Now we're doing something involving gipsy's. I tried asking our fortune teller Nancy what kind of future AJ was going to have, but she kept saying that we're supposed to ask about ourselves... yes, on a blog post like this that question is pretty ambiguous, eh?

AJ's question after that was "What am I going to eat for dinner tonight."

Now he's giving me crap about drinking water and it not being filling at all. What a jerk.

Before class ended, discussion changed to the という mechanic which is used to relate new things to people who may have never heard of something before, etc.

And, as a closing, here is a picture that relates our group's current condition:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr. Drinking Piss Water blah blah blah....

... is the quote of the day thanks to our gracious spokesperson.

We got our tests back today, Nancy got a 98... damn her... Renee and I both got the same, below average score... and AJ didn't fare so well so perhaps that will reflect in his drawing today.

The lecture today primarily discussed usage of "~という" to describe things. It's used to clarify things and shouldn't be used to say "I like the food called bread. It's great! We eat it! We love it!"

Following that was pre-masu "~やすい" and "~にくい":


Next up was last Friday's homework "~ないで':

Laziness counter:
AJ おじさん:
AJ :

I had a feeling that today's drawing had something to do with me so I intentionally messed with the focus!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Humble Expressions -- 2

I ended up missing hangman because I overslept =\

Contributions from our group today:

20-3 (I) Nancy (親分)
4. When the department manager goes on a business trip, I lend my camcorder.
行く->いらっしゃる時 - Because it's the 部長's action, it should use honorific.
は->が - Something about changing the first part into a subordinate clause.

Neat little tidbit: humble form of aru "ある"
X おありになりますか (as stated in book)

Sorry, no pictures today - AJ didn't draw any.

See you next week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Having Lots of Orgies

We started off today by reciting introductions for a company.

Brandon listed the title as one of his "hobbies".

Discussion transitioned to usage of the humble form (eg: お会いします).


Renee wants to point out that Takeshi's boss sexually harasses him. The following picture is proof!

And of course, a drawing from our group's spokesperson...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sadistic Bastards

We started class off today with everybody in class attempting to murder some poor bastard in a game of hangman.

As we try to delay his execution by requiring random features like eyes, mouth, hair, etc, I began to wonder if people realized that they were calling out the same syllables or not.

It was only when the poor bastard had almost no parts left to draw that it was found out that our teacher neglected to put a crucial き on the board when it had been called earlier. So thus, the man with a death sentence lived due to a technical error.

The main discussion today are Extra-modest Expressions (ていねいご).

AJ needs to find Japanese study sessions so he can study. He has a bunch of Japanese friends but they don't have time for him, apparently.

Renee hates her used book... because all the answers are written in it. I wouldn't mind if the answers were all in my book...

AJ is once again going off on a tangent about random crap and money. ("WHATEVER!")

While practicing these expressions, Renee noticed something interesting in this picture. I'll just leave this here.

Up next we practice asking and saying things politely. I made the mistake of using extra-polite when I should have been using honorific verbs to ask what a person's name is:

お名前はなんと申しますか vs. お名前はなんとおっしゃいますか

Somehow discussion shifted to ask (politely) if someone has an older sister. It became only slightly awkward as discussion drifted to asking for her number and if she has a boyfriend. To make it slightly less awkward we are supposed to say "do you have siblings" "兄弟がいらっしゃいますか'

AJ is drinking some disgusting sewage water known as Ramune. I'm surprised he hasn't choked on that marble yet. It's all good though, water is better for us anyways... right, Nancy? Nancy? ...

As a closer, here is another drawing from our group's picasso.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

We started class off with a test.

It was easy for the most part except the matching was a pain and I couldn't remember the bottom part of 夏

AJ was D average for all his tests before.

We are reviewing a letter right now on page 287 in genki.

小野様 = ono sama

1)The person says the weather in london is continuing to be cold and asks how the weather in tokyo is.
(Weather - Mine -> Yours)
He was thinking of writing sooner but, because of classes, it ended up taking 3 months.
(Apology - Present/Past)

2) While studying abroad he was greatly in xyz's care. He didn't know japanese at first and it was an uneasy experience, but thanks to the host parents he got good at japanese. Thank you for teaching me about the japanese language and lifestyle and various other things.
(Debt + Thanks + Change)

Wow, time's up. We're pretty slow at this.

3) Reminiscence, ongoing, value.

4) Plans, building, laying groundwork, future.

5) Hello to ereryore (yes, that's what's written on the board - something about kanji and bits and pieces...), take care.

Now we're going over another letter on 289...

AJ didn't learn any kanji in his last japanese class so he's getting destroyed, apparently.

  1. Self-intro, apology, reference
  2. Purpose/Background
  3. Questions/Concerns
  4. Apology/Plea

Also, AJ stole my workbook some time last week and neglected to mention it until today. Thanks.

Homework is 20-1 and 20-2 for monday. Letter is due friday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

AJ + 3

Today in class, we started off with checking kanji cards.
Nancy, Renee, and AJ all had these flash cards on keyrings.
Despite that, AJ remembered only 1 and 3/4 of the kanji on the quiz today.

After that, AJ started drawing.
Instead of doing work as usual.

We're currently working on a seemingly hard worksheet and Nancy is writing all these crazy kanji so nobody else can read it according to AJ.

Just now, AJ confirmed that you aren't supposed to use めしあがる for the keigo verison of "to drink" but rather お飲みにいらしゃる.

AJ messed up with the report because someone forgot to write the last part down...

That's all for today. Excuses are flying around the group. good night