Monday, May 11, 2009

Coming out with a surprise quiz at the start of the class...

We all got our last tests back today and luckily we didn't do too badly. Renee says she didn't do too good, but Nancy got a really high score as usual. AJ did a lot better and he was pretty stoked about it. We both got owned in the kanji matching of course.

I was pleased to find I was right about the のに construct requiring "facts" instead of "suggestions". That really scared me to think I'd get those questions wrong when I knew for a fact I was right.

Then sensei tried to play off a completely horrible mistake in one of the sentences.
We were supposed to determine whether the following was "incorrect":
But the kanji is wrong and it should be: 兄なのに、仲がよくありません。

It boiled down to him playing it off that "Even though he's the older brother, his insides are not good."

Yeah... OOOOOK......

I just realized it, but practically everyone is in class today. It just seemed a little more crowded than usual, but that's actually the right amount of people if my memory isn't terrible. That one girl across the room left early though. Her group members weren't there either.

Get hype for dialog on Wednesday.

Note for portfolio: make sure to staple the draft to the final version.

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