Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~ておく、 ~ている、 と ~てある

Surprisingly enough, we didn't start class off today with a quiz... AMAZING!

We had a pretty fun exercise within each group in regards to preparing for a party using the mechanics listed in today's title. I agree with AJ that it's kind of confusing, but we more or less got a handle on it toward the end.

The next topic for discussion was adj + suru constructions which are pretty easy to understand.

Ex: ~があかるくなりました。to become bright
   ~があかるくしました。 to make bright

Throughout class, AJ was just cranking out flash cards for the vocab. I told him to use Anki, but for some reason he refused.

Next up the class was tasked with coming up for improvements for student life at SJSU.

Our group proposed to increase teacher salaries. The reason behind this would be that, by making the teachers' life easier, it would in turn make our own lives easier.

It was not that well received, but I thought it was great (since it was my idea in the first place >_>)...

This was then connected to using the てほしい form to say what you would like someone or something to do.

Wow, forgot to publish this yesterday... >_>

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