Monday, March 2, 2009

The difference between 分かる と 知る

Class started off with a kanji quiz which AJ-ojiisan and I both were more or less unprepared for. I hadn't finished my anki deck for it yet either. Sensei made the mistake of passing back our kanji worksheet from the book, but Nancy covered it up before I could cheat my way out of the particicpation-only quiz. Oh well, maybe next time. Next up...


Cool quote of the day.

This ties into the next interesting point for our group which was the subtle differences between 分かる と 知る. The difference ended up being whether or not you had thought (puzzled it out!) about the matter at hand. If so, you use 分かる, otherwise you use 知る.

After that, I got called on to say a book I've read recently using the ~という mechanic and it all went bad. First off, I wrote 1984という本を読みました. Of course, I have a horrible time saying numbers past the 10's (lol) and I had never ever read the book 1984 and had no confidence in it actually being a book. All I remember was that it was a shootemup side-scroller.

The worksheet sensei handed out just now seemed pretty easy, but I have a feeling we were answering them wrong...

As class ends... once again... we're starving.

No picture because AJ was too hungry to draw and Renee was too hungry to find something hilarious in the book.

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