Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flash Card Madness

As I am busy with making flash cards for kanji, I will only note down the most notable parts of class.

  • Japan does not have that great of a return policy for purchased goods.
  • Everyone in the group got owned by the letter we wrote a few weeks back. Except for 親分, who has practically no errors at all >_>

Today's reading was about some dude in いなか who bought old things for cheap and sold them for a boatload. One day he found an expensive dish being used to feed a cat at some teahouse. He thought he could deceive the owner who obviously didn't know the value of the dish (since he was using it to feed the cat). So he schemed to buy the cat and get the dish as well with it. After much bargaining, he finally got the owner to agree but the owner would not give the man the dish. Expressing disappointment, the man asked why and the owner replied that the dish is extremely worth it. I also think he said something about being able to sell a cat to people every now and then for 3 ryou (the price the man paid for the cat). If I made mistakes, blame AJ.

And for the picture from today, we've got our 親分 and her 子分 caught saying "お前はもう死んでいる!" Note the badass expression on Nancy's face.
Photo courtesy of AJおじいさん

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