Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

We started class off with a test.

It was easy for the most part except the matching was a pain and I couldn't remember the bottom part of 夏

AJ was D average for all his tests before.

We are reviewing a letter right now on page 287 in genki.

小野様 = ono sama

1)The person says the weather in london is continuing to be cold and asks how the weather in tokyo is.
(Weather - Mine -> Yours)
He was thinking of writing sooner but, because of classes, it ended up taking 3 months.
(Apology - Present/Past)

2) While studying abroad he was greatly in xyz's care. He didn't know japanese at first and it was an uneasy experience, but thanks to the host parents he got good at japanese. Thank you for teaching me about the japanese language and lifestyle and various other things.
(Debt + Thanks + Change)

Wow, time's up. We're pretty slow at this.

3) Reminiscence, ongoing, value.

4) Plans, building, laying groundwork, future.

5) Hello to ereryore (yes, that's what's written on the board - something about kanji and bits and pieces...), take care.

Now we're going over another letter on 289...

AJ didn't learn any kanji in his last japanese class so he's getting destroyed, apparently.

  1. Self-intro, apology, reference
  2. Purpose/Background
  3. Questions/Concerns
  4. Apology/Plea

Also, AJ stole my workbook some time last week and neglected to mention it until today. Thanks.

Homework is 20-1 and 20-2 for monday. Letter is due friday.

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