Friday, February 27, 2009

一寸涼んで来い (chotto suzundekoi)

Sensei forgot the "late" homework in his office, so today started off with a group exercise followed up by a quiz. The exercise had each group respond to various questions about knowing certain things like The Ring, Miyazawa, etc. Our answers are as follows (sorry, I'm not writing the questions):

1) ホラー映画です。
2) どうがかです。
3) オリブガーデンはイタリアノのレストランです。
4) どんなか知っていません。
5) 何処か知っていません。
6) 女の人です。
7) Shy Person
8) マニアックな人です。
9) Lazy Person
10) いなば先生は優しくて飲むのが好き先生です。

When we got to number 2 about Miyazawa, people started recommending anime by him. I was just too late to recommend the Castle of Cagliostro Lupin III movie.

The rest of the class period was used up by the kanji race. 無敵 (むてき) went up three times apparently >_> In the end it was a tie. That's like the third in a row... wtf?

Since AJ was absent today, there isn't a picture today. Sorry.

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