Wednesday, February 25, 2009

全速力 (zensokuryoku)

Once again, the day started off with a quiz. We've used ぶちょう so many times in this quiz already that it surprised me that I didn't remember the kanji for it at all. I'll practice more so as to not let down that one group in the back corner next time.

AJ brought up a good point. We're both starving and the water I'm drinking just doesn't cut it. I'll probably get some pesto from sbarro's (sp?) later.

We're currently going over page 170 exercise 4 right now in the textbook where we have been involved in a car accident and have lost our memories. When the doctor is asking us questions, we're supposed to respond with "I have no clue" using ~かどうか.


Nancy got Mango Mantra from Jamba Juice. She thinks they gave her the wrong one though (mango a go go). Damn, I should get some of that later, but curry house is having a 4.99 special later today...

Now we're doing something involving gipsy's. I tried asking our fortune teller Nancy what kind of future AJ was going to have, but she kept saying that we're supposed to ask about ourselves... yes, on a blog post like this that question is pretty ambiguous, eh?

AJ's question after that was "What am I going to eat for dinner tonight."

Now he's giving me crap about drinking water and it not being filling at all. What a jerk.

Before class ended, discussion changed to the という mechanic which is used to relate new things to people who may have never heard of something before, etc.

And, as a closing, here is a picture that relates our group's current condition:

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