Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr. Drinking Piss Water blah blah blah....

... is the quote of the day thanks to our gracious spokesperson.

We got our tests back today, Nancy got a 98... damn her... Renee and I both got the same, below average score... and AJ didn't fare so well so perhaps that will reflect in his drawing today.

The lecture today primarily discussed usage of "~という" to describe things. It's used to clarify things and shouldn't be used to say "I like the food called bread. It's great! We eat it! We love it!"

Following that was pre-masu "~やすい" and "~にくい":


Next up was last Friday's homework "~ないで':

Laziness counter:
AJ おじさん:
AJ :

I had a feeling that today's drawing had something to do with me so I intentionally messed with the focus!

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