Monday, February 16, 2009

Sadistic Bastards

We started class off today with everybody in class attempting to murder some poor bastard in a game of hangman.

As we try to delay his execution by requiring random features like eyes, mouth, hair, etc, I began to wonder if people realized that they were calling out the same syllables or not.

It was only when the poor bastard had almost no parts left to draw that it was found out that our teacher neglected to put a crucial き on the board when it had been called earlier. So thus, the man with a death sentence lived due to a technical error.

The main discussion today are Extra-modest Expressions (ていねいご).

AJ needs to find Japanese study sessions so he can study. He has a bunch of Japanese friends but they don't have time for him, apparently.

Renee hates her used book... because all the answers are written in it. I wouldn't mind if the answers were all in my book...

AJ is once again going off on a tangent about random crap and money. ("WHATEVER!")

While practicing these expressions, Renee noticed something interesting in this picture. I'll just leave this here.

Up next we practice asking and saying things politely. I made the mistake of using extra-polite when I should have been using honorific verbs to ask what a person's name is:

お名前はなんと申しますか vs. お名前はなんとおっしゃいますか

Somehow discussion shifted to ask (politely) if someone has an older sister. It became only slightly awkward as discussion drifted to asking for her number and if she has a boyfriend. To make it slightly less awkward we are supposed to say "do you have siblings" "兄弟がいらっしゃいますか'

AJ is drinking some disgusting sewage water known as Ramune. I'm surprised he hasn't choked on that marble yet. It's all good though, water is better for us anyways... right, Nancy? Nancy? ...

As a closer, here is another drawing from our group's picasso.

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