Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'd thought they'd be over, but the quizes returned today with a vengeance.

All six questions were kanji that only Nancy knew from the vocab. I think AJ got one of them right as well.

After that, we had practice asking what our classmates were allowed to do by their parents when they were kids. My best question was "子供の時、両親はあなたにファイアとあそばせてくれましたか。"

Following that exercise, we did 211 part C. Renee continued to ask if we'd allow our kids to eat ice cream for dinner.
AJ refused to use rock paper scissors to decide which of us answers the question, "親になったら子供に何をさせてあげますか。" so I ended up saying that I'd let my child steal money.

Renee's dragon drawing is looking pretty nice so far, good thing I brought my camera.

As usual, AJ is off surfing the internet instead of participating in class. He redeemed himself though shortly after by responding "あいてにあるばいとをさせてあげます" which apparently is a "fine line" for sensei.

Renee put away her notes already, so I'll have her show it to me later.


Homework tonight is 22-5 and 22-6. Essay due friday as well.

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