Friday, April 3, 2009


Class began with an exercise where we took 4 of the vocabulary words from the current chapter (22) and 3 of them are related while one of them is not. Each group posts theirs on the board and people take turns guessing which one out of the 4 does not belong.

The purpose of this exercise would most likely be to familiarize ourselves with the new vocabulary. Nancy put together 期末試験(きまつしけん) と 徹夜する(てつやする) と 失敗する(しっぱいする) と 自由(じゆう). I told her it was too easy, but we went with it anyways because nobody else picked something >_> Needless to say, it wasn't a very tough pick.

After that, we went over the causative form again (使役).

The followup exercise was a fairly simple yet effective one which had two papers with dictionary and causative forms of verbs on each and we basically took turns asking the dictionary form and receiving the causative forms and checking to make sure our partner's got it right.

The trickier ones are the verbs which end with -ru but are actually -u verbs.
Following that, we all took turns saying what we'd have our underclassmen do using the causative form as well.

Renee and AJ both drew something so today we have a double feature. I brought the wrong jacket, so the quality is a little low because it's from my phone.

Thanks for reading.

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