Friday, April 10, 2009

The Class Where Nobody Speaks

なくあれば -> なければ

しみがおちる to remove a stain (the stain falls)

This post will just be a huge rant on how nobody wants to talk in this class (save for a few). How the hell are you going to learn a language if you have no intention of actually speaking it. Are you so good at it that you don't need to practice speaking? Bullshit. If it's THAT easy for you, it would be as common as breathing and I personally would be more annoyed/bothered that we are sitting around DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in a class which we are paying for.

I would not be able to bear that especially since it's not like you will get marked down by saying something wrong. If anything, you'll only get better. This is a freaking college course and people are still worried that they'll make a mistake and they won't be as highly respected by their classmates or something like that. GGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE!

I don't understand how people can just SIT and STARE at their book the entire fucking class period and contribute absolutely nothing at all.


So anyways, we went over the ~ba form and the ~noni form. I won't go into detail on them because it's in the book.

No homework for the weekend (YES!)

Here are some presents from AJ/Renee.

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  1. I have to agree....what is wrong with the class. Even our whole table spoke and usually i wait to see if any other tables will speak up...but they don't do anything. Its the same people over and over ;-/