Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dreading 25

The Bad Luck Years (厄年):
男: 25, 42, and 61
女: 19, 33, and 37

To start class off, we had a test on chapter 21. AJ says he did "bad" and "I probably got about 60... Kanji... destruction... death...".

When I asked Renee, she just stuck out her tongue and said she forgot a lot of vocab.

Nancy concealed her hand and didn't give a report.

I personally was unsure on some of the てある form questions but completely destroyed the other two sections.

After the test, I went to go play some guilty gear at the arcade and came back to sensei explaining the usage and forming of causative verbs which are similar to passive verbs in their formation.

The story about yakudoshi (厄年) on page 301 was kind of interesting but still highly predictable.

AJ and Renee have gotten some of their flashcards done for the next chapter (I assume). I'll be making an anki deck for chapter 22 soon. Chapter 21 anki deck for both vocab and kanji can be downloaded here. Hmmm... I probably should have posted that up sooner. Oh well.

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